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jOnline's News

Posted by jOnline - December 21st, 2022

2022 has been a hell of a journey for my art and my life. I've been slowly adjusting into whatever an "adult" is and my art has been evolving with me as a person. Over the year art has turned from a hobby to a passion. I've gone from drawing for the fun of it, to a genuine yearn to be more. I think my art has evolved more over the course of this year than it has at any other point in my life, and my journey with it has continued to put a smile on my face. Outside of my art I have been quite busy in my life, but it has only helped drive me into taking my time to make the best art that I can.

Anyways lets stop talking about "feelings" and get into my actual growth in art this year.


I started this year with an Animation for RecD's Challenge-edd with lyrics video. I'm still somewhat proud of this despite it's simplicity. I used this as an opportunity to get better at backgrounds and weight. While I know I could do better now, I'm still happy with the outcome of this.

And the Final animation I uploaded this year was another animated segment for RecD, this time from hit Date Week with lyrics video. I'm not very proud of this in retrospect, as I know I could do better than this, but time constraints and stress in my life at the time led to an unsatisfying end of the year.

To end this section, in the New Year I plan to release at least 2 cartoons, but with much higher quality, and more originality. I am unhappy with how long it has been taking me to get my projects out, but once I do I promise that It will be worth the wait. I personally hope to get better at lip sync and with subtle movements and to stop using smear frames as a crutch.


I started off the year with this piece and I'm still generally proud of it. I feel like i could redo the background to have less ripped assets and redraw them instead, and would do better shading, but I still really like how interpreted the design of Noelle.

I'm very proud of this piece's framing and color choice. I think I implied a sense of dread greatly and interpreted the designs from The June Archive well into my style.

If there's one illustration that I failed on the most this year, It would be this one. In retrospect I royally fucked over Lucky's design and the shading is flat out dogshit. I think the framing is neat but I hate everything else about it

This redraw I think perfectly shows the growth in my art this year. The colors are much more vibrant, the bodies' proportions are much better, the posing is more dynamic, and the expressions are less forced now! I'm still happy with it and am mentally reminding myself to do more lineless art

This year I heavily struggled with my identity, and tried putting that into art. I often try to avoid art that vents out my feelings, but this was a problem eating away at me so much that it stopped me from doing other things in my life. I feel like I properly was able to convey my feelings and am very proud of my ability to grow as a person and as an artist through this. I can only hope that in the future I'll be able to clearly identify as myself and with my art.

And my final art was more art for RecD. I'm actually extremely proud of this (And the other non uploaded panels) because of the background and shading work. These have been my biggest struggles for the longest time, but I feel as though I finally found a process to making these fun and not look like garbage. I know there is still a lot of room for growth, but I feel like I have made great strides

To conclude next year I hope to... get better at what I'm already doing.


I still can't upload it here so you will just have to take my word

This year I've been fiddling with chiptune a lot, and I want to get better at it. I don't have a ton to say on this with no reference so just pretend this is a better section


I want to share all the wonderful fanart I got this year


Next year is going to be a big year for me. I promise it.

In the meantime I have one more art piece planned for the year and I hope you enjoy it.



Posted by jOnline - November 10th, 2021



Posted by jOnline - November 1st, 2021

Wow, it's been a minute since I've made one of these hasn't it? Regardless I'd like to thank all of yall for supporting me and my art, as I truly enjoy making it. I'm glad others enjoy it as well, and watching myself grow as an artist over that past year has been very fascinating. I've gotten a better grasp of my style, I've made art for YouTube channels, I've made cartoons (By the way, when looking up madenss day on google the first thing you see is my cartoon), I've gotten more friends. It's cool to see how far I have come within the year, and I cant wait to see what happens next. Speaking of which, lets get into that.

The Move


Let's get the boring stuff out of the way first. I moved to Tennessee about 6 months ago, and I have slowly been settling in over that entire time. On top of that I have contracted the infection known as a full time job. This is basically why I have posted much less art than I did when I started this account, on top of me just putting more care into all of my art. Right now I am in a position where I'll be working on art much more often now.

Pick It Up


Remember that cartoon I've been working on since I started this account? Fun fact: I am only just now In a place where any significant work on it is being done. However I can confirm that characters have gone through changes, design and personality wise. Any art of the characters on my account of the characters is probably outdated, but that just makes me that much more excited to show how I've been cooking this up. I promisse when this drops, yall will have your minds turned to goop.

Other Cartoons


While Pick It Up is my main priority at the moment, that Is always subject to change. My main focus when creating a cartoon is to have fun doing so, and if I'm going to have fun doing something else, that's what I'm going to move to. I have a few Ideas for cartoons at the moment, and I hope to make them better than the last two I've made.



Ima open commissions soon. Don't know how much. Don't know when. Ill make a more dedicated post when the time comes.

Fanart Spotlight



Posted by jOnline - September 12th, 2021


Posted by jOnline - July 2nd, 2021



Posted by jOnline - June 7th, 2021

Hello minions, and welcome to another progress report where I vomit about my upcoming projects and other shit. This one won't be as heavy handed as my previous posts, but I feel I should mention the shit going on before I disappear for a month due to my move. That's enough explanation, let's get into it.



Fan Art by EllisBros of the last Miitopia stream

I have been accepted to work on RecD's art team, and do various stills and backgrounds for upcoming videos, primarily his Friday Night Funkin' with Lyrics videos. My work will appear in the next video, Week 7 with Lyrics, and many more after. I hope you tune in to the video in mid june to watch, as a lot of heart and soul has gone into these videos from the entire team.

Pick It Up


Sneak peak of the upcoming animation.

Up until me writing this post I have been actively working on this animation and I am very proud with how it is coming along. Unfortunately, due to my move I will not be able to work on this for a short time. Once I am able to I will continue, but I am honestly unable to at the moment. I will say, while this animation is being done in Pencil2D, episodes of the actual series will be done in Adobe Animate. The current episode is being animated to a song by We Are The Union, so this specific animation may not be able to be uploaded to Newgrounds, however I am doing everything in my power for this to be Newgrounds exclusive. If not possible I will upload it to YouTube and Twitter instead.

Art Pieces


Swag art suggestion I drew

The move blah blah blah I wont be able to do as much art as before. Ill post as often as I can, but that wont be often during the move. I will post my art for WEEK 7 with Lyrics once the video is out, but other than that I have nothing planned.

The Move


I'm moving to Tennessee this week. If you live in Tennessee I'm sure you are a perfectly fine person but FUCK I don't want to move.



Original Post



Posted by jOnline - May 22nd, 2021



It got picked up as stolen music" despite being made by myself in beepbox

I have been what the kids call "blammed"


Posted by jOnline - May 12th, 2021

First off, thanks a ton for following my profile and keeping up on my art! It feels greeat to know that a bunch of random people on the internet enjoy my art despite it being far from perfect. The amount of inspiration I take from your guys' reception makes me feel great, and I cannot thank you enough for following my account. I'm currently working on a few big projects at the moment so I may slow down with art for a bit, but when I do post, I promise that I will put out some quality stuff. That being said, let's talk bout it.



I want to thank everyone who submitted art to include in my entry for Pico Day 2021! I'm a huge fan of the result, and it is probably one of my favorite pieces of art! If you haven't seen it I suggest you check it out Right Here, and make sure to check out all the artists who worked on it as well!



If you don't know, Pick It Up is an upcoming animated passion project of mine. While I'm uncertain when it will come out, I know that I will at least be putting out 2 animations. The first Is currently in full production, being animated soley by myself. The animation will be about 3 minutes long and it will focus on the main character of Pick It Up: Eli. While I cannot share the full details on this project, I can say that I am very proud of what I have created so far.

The second animation will actually start focusing on the plot of the series, being a true "Episode 1" of Pick It Up. I'm still tweaking the story of it, and the animation will not be out for several months. I cannot share anything about this aside from saying that I'm pretty sure you will enjoy it.

Other Movies


Animation for a short involving Eli, which I scrapped due to low quality.

Aside from the large animation projects such as Pick It Up, I would like to work on some smaller animation projects such as something for Madness Day, or short little animations just for fun. Enjoyment is at the forefront of all my animations; If I'm not enjoying it, you wont enjoy watching it! Therefore I won't be pushing myself to death over ny of my animations, I will just be doing it for myself.



Aside from my main focus, animation, I will still be working on digital pieces, also just for fun. I want to get better at doing diffrent styles aside from my "polygonal" art style, which can be seen in some of my newer art such as my Tricky the Clown art.

Personal Life


Currently, I'm on my final week of high school, and I will be graduating a year early. On top of that I am going to be moving to Tennessee in the middle of June with the rest of my family. As I am doing this, I will not have much time for art as I will be extremely busy during this time. Despite my lack of free time, I will still atempt to put out some art every once in a while.

Final Thoughts

Once again I want to thank everyone following me for being so supportive of the art I put out, and I hope that you are all excited for my upcoming projects! Have a great day and I hope you stay tuned!

Fan Art Spotlight


Wonderful art of Eli, done by @gooberthed



Posted by jOnline - May 6th, 2021



Posted by jOnline - April 18th, 2021



I'm still accepting art for the Pico Day Art Collab I have planned. If you would like to join in please DM me with some of your art and how you would like to be credited. I WILL NOT ACCEPT APPLICATION PAST THE 25th. If you are accepted ALL COLLAB ART IS DUE ON THE 29th OF THE MONTH. Feel free to make a 2d illustration, IRL drawing, model, or any other static art form for the project.



I do not make art for any specific fandom, I make art of what I feel like at the time. While I love drawing Friday Night Funkin' and PaRappa, it is not all I want to draw. These drawing and art are just a hobby, and I would just like to clarify that I am not a fandom artist, I just make art of junk I like



Some of my followers are aware of my character Eli, and if not you might have noticed them as a cameo in @ayekarik's PaRappa The Rapper animation. This is not just a static character, but a part of a much bigger production. While I do not want to reveal too much on this as a lot of this project is still in very early development, but from what I can tell you is that it will most likely be a slice of life series, with Eli being the main character. While I would like to make this an animated series, due to my bar of quality that is looking very unlikely at this moment. As much as I would like to put a team together to make this animation, I also do not have the means to pay the hypothetical people working on the project.



(Character by @gooberthed)

I will not be taking commissions at this time. As I am a minor I am not able to even receive money digitally at the moment, and will not be able to for some time. I plan on opening commissions in the future when I am able to, but for now my commissions will remain closed.



In the very near future I will be moving out from my home state, and will most likely not be able to make digital art for some time during that. While I would love to over the coarse of the move, right now it's looking like that wont be the case.

Thank you for reading