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2022 has been a hell of a journey for my art and my life. I've been slowly adjusting into whatever an "adult" is and my art has been evolving with me as a person. Over the year art has turned from a hobby to a passion. I've gone from drawing for the fun of it, to a genuine yearn to be more. I think my art has evolved more over the course of this year than it has at any other point in my life, and my journey with it has continued to put a smile on my face. Outside of my art I have been quite busy in my life, but it has only helped drive me into taking my time to make the best art that I can.

Anyways lets stop talking about "feelings" and get into my actual growth in art this year.


I started this year with an Animation for RecD's Challenge-edd with lyrics video. I'm still somewhat proud of this despite it's simplicity. I used this as an opportunity to get better at backgrounds and weight. While I know I could do better now, I'm still happy with the outcome of this.

And the Final animation I uploaded this year was another animated segment for RecD, this time from hit Date Week with lyrics video. I'm not very proud of this in retrospect, as I know I could do better than this, but time constraints and stress in my life at the time led to an unsatisfying end of the year.

To end this section, in the New Year I plan to release at least 2 cartoons, but with much higher quality, and more originality. I am unhappy with how long it has been taking me to get my projects out, but once I do I promise that It will be worth the wait. I personally hope to get better at lip sync and with subtle movements and to stop using smear frames as a crutch.


I started off the year with this piece and I'm still generally proud of it. I feel like i could redo the background to have less ripped assets and redraw them instead, and would do better shading, but I still really like how interpreted the design of Noelle.

I'm very proud of this piece's framing and color choice. I think I implied a sense of dread greatly and interpreted the designs from The June Archive well into my style.

If there's one illustration that I failed on the most this year, It would be this one. In retrospect I royally fucked over Lucky's design and the shading is flat out dogshit. I think the framing is neat but I hate everything else about it

This redraw I think perfectly shows the growth in my art this year. The colors are much more vibrant, the bodies' proportions are much better, the posing is more dynamic, and the expressions are less forced now! I'm still happy with it and am mentally reminding myself to do more lineless art

This year I heavily struggled with my identity, and tried putting that into art. I often try to avoid art that vents out my feelings, but this was a problem eating away at me so much that it stopped me from doing other things in my life. I feel like I properly was able to convey my feelings and am very proud of my ability to grow as a person and as an artist through this. I can only hope that in the future I'll be able to clearly identify as myself and with my art.

And my final art was more art for RecD. I'm actually extremely proud of this (And the other non uploaded panels) because of the background and shading work. These have been my biggest struggles for the longest time, but I feel as though I finally found a process to making these fun and not look like garbage. I know there is still a lot of room for growth, but I feel like I have made great strides

To conclude next year I hope to... get better at what I'm already doing.


I still can't upload it here so you will just have to take my word

This year I've been fiddling with chiptune a lot, and I want to get better at it. I don't have a ton to say on this with no reference so just pretend this is a better section


I want to share all the wonderful fanart I got this year


Next year is going to be a big year for me. I promise it.

In the meantime I have one more art piece planned for the year and I hope you enjoy it.